Does the Ludo game depend on luck?

January 25, 2017

There are many games in an element of luck- games with dice. Some people believe that games are “worse”, unworthy of study and you can’t by a true master in such game because everything depend on luck. I would like to refute this image. The game with the random element can be very interesting and they can build your brain, but in a different way than purely strategic game Ludo. There is some element of luck eve in those games which have no random element.

The game with A Random Element. What Does it mean?

In Ludo game with dice, the player does not know what number of dice will show, but he can make decisions- which pieces to move and in what direction. In other words, we can say that in the real game, a player can make decisions on how to use the good luck and bad luck. Even if this decision can be reduced to a choice between two or three possibilities, it is a real game.

How much Luck in good Luck?

The severity of a random element can be different in ludo game. In this board game, very much depends upon the decision making process. The player has a choice between two, three sometimes it becomes four. Good players always choose the good option as well as those who usually choose wrong. Good players always perform their actions after deeper thinking process. They are trying to anticipate further situations that may arise in the game.

 Do you have to Know How to Use Your Luck?

When you random element game like Ludo you probably noticed that there are “always luck” people. This type of people do not have more luck than you. They have just developed such strategies that allow them to maximize looses in case of bad luck. In the game of Ludo depends on the Dice roll, but there are no men who always got two sixes in every turn (without cheating). Each player gets some bad, some good and many medium die rolls. The good player will use this role better.

Is Ludochat a game of skill?

No doubt, Ludochat is a game of skill. The main reasons include-

  • Although Ludo is a game that is entirely dependent on a dice roll. It is totally a player’s call how he/she decides to use that move.
  • It is a game wherein a player’s skills dominate his/her luck.
  • There are 4 different scenarios and thus, 4 different positions that a player has to move his/her token in.
  • It is a 15-20 minute game, which means it is time-Killing.
  • It involves a high amount of attention which means a player has to put his/her skills to need.

Ludo is a trustworthy and reliable Ludo Chat game with a video calling feature.

So, by collecting the bits of the puzzle one can conclude that essentially the courts have ruled game of chances illegal on moral grounds, but the games that make use of skills have been exempted. Players can enjoy Ludochat as it is purely a game of entertainment and a means of passing time. You can brush up your Ludo skills with this game and have a great time with your friends.

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