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How to Win Ludo Chat Game Every Time?

February 26, 2019

Ludochat is a very popular android board game among all board games nowadays. In the short span of time over 20 million Ludo lover download this game via play store. This android platforms based have all the features that you love this game. With video calling or online chatting (while playing this game), this Ludo game is very popular all over the world. The Ludo Chat game is quite an unpredictable game and very difficult to hack. Here you can check some tricks with those tricks you can always get a higher number of dice like 4, 5 or 6. Every game has two parts safe zone and unsafe zone.

The features of Ludochat Game:

  • Video calling while playing the game with your opponent
  • Online chat with your opponent
  • Send Emojis during the chat
  • Player vs mobile mode( 2 players, 4 players)
  • Offline multiplayer( 2 players, 3 players,4 players)
  • Online multiplayer( 2 players, 4 players)
  • Online vs friend mode (chatroom feature, share chatroom code with your friends on various messengers and play the game with your friends)
  • Earn coins by the spin wheel
  • Earn coin by watching videos
  • Change ludo board background
  • Connect with your Facebook friends.
  • Challenge your friends and buddies for the game

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Ludochat-Top Ranking Board Game

The Ludochat game is more of a strategy game as compare to luck. There is no such cheats code to increase your coins but there are some tricks to get a number of six. Here, you can check some tricks of Ludochat game by following these tips then you can win almost every game.

Tricks To Win Ludo or Ludochat game Online

Take enough time to think and take the best move possible. Always follow this strategy think, rethink and play. Practice makes man perfect so play more game and learn more tricks.

  1. Open all your pieces, as soon as you get the chance.
  2. Do not keep running only single piece, invest your numbers on all the pieces.
  3. Always try to remember the number which can lead you to the best place and the number which will let you kill the opponent.
  4. Kill the opponents as much as possible. This may increase the chance of your winning.
  5. Keep the piece in a safe place and move it with bigger numbers this will prevent you from getting killed.
  6. If you are in a dilemma between victory and killing the opponent, you must go for victory. Kill the opponent pieces if your number is too small that is one or two so that you can get a chance to play again.
  7. If you have a number that is of no use for any of your pieces, then move the piece that is nearest to the starting point.
  8. If your defeat is inevitable just turn mobile data off and your all coins will be restored. This is how you won’t lose any coins.
  9. The more you will move your pieces logically, you can prevent your pieces from getting killed by an opponent.

We hope above provided tricks can surely enhance your gaming experience and this can increase the chances of winning drastically. Download Ludochat game Now and apply those tricks and defeat their opponents.



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