Which is the best Ludo game for Android these days?

May 4, 2019

The best Ludo game for Android these days.

Everyone loves an exciting game of Ludo. It’s time to throw the dice and play a classic game of Ludo or discover something new with all the modern Ludo games. Ludo is played all over the world with different names. We all played it in our childhood. To bring some memories and to experience a change from usual phone games, there is a huge number of Ludo apps present on Google Play Store. But Here,  we provide the best Ludo game with its interesting featuring for Android these days. Check it below

Top Ludo Game For Android these days:


Ludochat is currently dominating all board game with more than 20K+ downloads on Play store in a short time. When you open the game, Ludo Lover can log in from your Facebook account or play as a guest.  It has four options with a computer, a local friend(s), online multiplayer or to play with friends if they are online.

Why Ludochat is Different to other Board game?

Even, the most interesting techniques used in this Ludo game is Video calling which makes this game different to other Ludo. You can also video calling to your opponent or your friends or online chat with.  This board game has lots of new features. Ludochat works both on online and offline mode. While online, you can challenge your Facebook friends and also play with random players worldwide. There is an option to chat (or video calling ) with the opponent while playing.


  • Video calling during the game , playing the game while talking with your opponent.
  • Send unlimited audio chats
  • Send emojis during chats
  • Player vs mobile mode( 2 players, 4 players)
  • Offline multiplayer( 2 players, 3 players,4 players)
  • Online multiplayer( 2 players, 4 players)
  • Online vs friend mode (chatroom feature, share chatroom code with your friends on various messengers and play the game with your friends)
  • Earn coins by spin wheel
  • Earn coin by watching videos
  • Change ludo board background
  • Connect with your Facebook friends.
  • Challenge your friends and buddies for a game


  • Facebook login bonus 2000 coins
  • Daily login bonus
  • Daily missions
  • Animated chat stickers
  • Select country and language
  • voice calling
  • Animated tokens

 It is easy to play and by this game to sharpen your skills. It allows users to strategize your moves and play with a plan. There are several competitors of this game, but it still stands apart. With excellent customer support and 100% positive review on Play store, it won’t be wrong to say that Ludochat is here to stay. Ludo Lovers playing this game are increasing every day and it has become quite a sensation amongst the youth. To know why it’s different from the rest Download Ludochat For Android Now.



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