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Which is the best Ludo game on the Market and Why?

March 6, 2019

It is very easy to find thousands of people around the world who claim that they are true Ludo lovers and it has become an essential part of their lives. In the Today Digital world, the smartphone is becoming the real assets of the world, searching for the best game and downloading it is just click away. It takes no more than a minute to start playing the game after installing it on your smartphone. In the gaming world, there is a number of games available in the market in different categories. You may or may not have heard about Ludochat- The best Ludo game in gaming market available on play store. Based on the Android-based platform, it is the most recommended Ludo app in the market.

Ludochat- Recall Your Childhood days

Ludochat is the board game that you can play or video calling features with your friends, family or even strangers. You can make friends while playing this exciting game. This exciting Ludo game is based on the classic Ludo board game, which you probably have already played when you were younger, as board games are not much popular nowadays. You can play online multiplayer between the above-mentioned platforms. The Ludochat game is played by 2 to 4 players; and even if you’ve no one to play with, you can play online or with mobile. Apart from that, you can play against people from across the world and get a chance to make friends via video calling or chatting with emojis.

Why Ludochat is the best Ludo Game app on the Market?

Ludochat offers genuine gameplay which meets the demand of gamers who want games with exciting features or nail-biting finishes. You can get started playing this game as soon as you install, as it’ll take you a few seconds to get the grasp of how the gameplay is done. You get the extra bonus coins features while spinning a coin. It is very simple and easy to play and the graphics of this game is very good and more attractive. It is the kind of game which is suitable and adaptable for all people.

Multiple modes of Gameplay

  • Play against Mobile.
  • Local Mode includes pass and plays features.
  • Online Multiplayer play with other players across the world.
  • Private Multiplayer you can play against friends in private rooms.


Ludochat is a great app for those who are a fan of the classic Ludo board game. Apart from that, this game is low maintenance as you won’t have to worry about losing your tokens or breaking the board. Go ahead and Download & install the app now, surely you won’t regret and spend most of your time playing this game!



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