What Is The Boost in Ludo Star? Enhance Gaming Experience.

Do you want to move your tokens more quickly around the board of Ludo Star? Boost is a feature that you can’t afford to ignore. With its ability to speed up gameplay, Boost can help you make swift moves and stay ahead of the competition. In this article, you will learn what is Boost in Ludo Star.

Ludo Star

Ludo STAR is a multiplayer mobile game that offers the classic board game experience. You can log in with Facebook to invite friends or play with random opponents in 2 or 4-player matches. The game offers different variations and players can customize the game rules to their liking, including doubling pieces and killing one before entering the home. The game also features 3D dice and allows players to chat and send emojis and gifts to each other. With daily rewards and hundreds of amazing dice to collect, Ludo STAR is suitable for all ages and presents an exciting gaming experience.

What is the boost in Ludo Star?

What is the boost in Ludo Star?

In Ludo Star, a booster refers to a feature that increases gameplay speed. As players progress through the game and precise levels, they earn XP. The booster further multiplies this XP, for example, if a player has a 4x booster and earns 2 XP, their total XP will be 8. This increased XP allows players to succeed in games in a shorter period. Boost is a limited resource, and players must use it wisely to gain an advantage over their opponents. As a result, getting a Ludo Star booster can be advantageous for players looking to speed up their gameplay and progress through levels more quickly.

Common Boosts in Ludo Star

Ludo Star boosts typically include the following:

Dice Rolls Boost

The Dice Rolls Boost is a benefit that allows a player to get a greater number of dice rolls, allowing them to move their pieces closer to the finish line faster.

Shield Boost

The shield boost is used to make a player’s piece immune to any type of attack from the opponent’s pieces for a set amount of turns. This helps protect the player’s piece from being sent back to the start by an opponent’s piece.

Swap Boost

An opponent’s piece can be swapped with one of the player’s pieces as well as the player’s own piece. This is known as the swap boost. A player’s piece can be blocked when the opponent’s piece blocks the player’s piece from getting to the finish line at the moment.

Lucky Dice Boost

The Lucky Dice Boost increases the chances of rolling a high number on the dice, which could help the player move their pieces faster and reach the finish line first by increasing the chances of rolling a high number.

It is possible to boost your way to victory in Ludo Star, and boosting your game has the potential to give players a significant edge over their opponents. However, it’s important to use them strategically and at the right time to maximize their benefits.

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Q.NO.1: How can I get Boost in Ludo Star?
Boost can be obtained by completing various achievements, such as winning consecutive games or reaching a certain level.

Q.No.2: Can I use Boost more than once per turn?
No, Boost can only be used once per turn.

Q.No.3: What happens if I activate a boost but don’t use it during the game?
Boost will be expired if you don’t use it after activation.

Q.No.4: Do boosts last permanently in Ludo Star?
No, boosts are not permanent. They are only available for use in the game where they were activated.

Conclusion | Boost in Ludo Star


With the ability to earn XP faster, players can progress through levels quickly and gain an advantage over their opponents. Boosts such as Dice Rolls Boost, Shield Boost, Swap Boost, and Lucky Dice Boost can make a significant difference in gameplay and help players win. However, it’s important to use Boosts strategically and at the right time to maximize their benefits. So why not give Boost a try and see how it can enhance your gameplay in Ludo Star?