How To Play Ludo Club on PC

Ludo Club is a board game with a colorful and appealing interface that attracts many gamers’ attention. You can play the ludo club game on your pc as well as on androids and laptops. Moreover, it supports iOS as well. 

Ludo game offers many modes. These modes are two-player, multiplayer, online, and offline mode. In addition, players can enjoy the ludo club with their family and friends with exciting rewards and upgrading levels. However, there are many rules that players must follow throughout the game.

Players can play with actual friends and family members through WhatsApp and Facebook invite. Ludo club’s gameplay is exciting and addictive. In the Ludo club gameplay, you can easily beat the opponent by grabbing all the pieces of their specific color and moving them back to their home. In that way, you can easily win the game.

How to Play Ludo Club on PC

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The developer of the ludo club has designed the game very artistic manner. The gameplay of the ludo club is enticing yet addictive. To play Ludo club on pc, players must follow the same method on PC as on mobile.

  • The ludo club has four square boxes. These boxes are known as Home boxes. Every box has its specific color, and players can choose the color of their choice. These colors are green, blue, yellow, and red.
  • In two players’ gameplay, players start the game by rolling their dice.
  • If the first player gets six on his dice, then he can move forward with the game. Otherwise, the next player will continue to roll his dice.
  • Both players must beat the opponent’s token to enter the finished triangle, which is present in the center of the board. Otherwise, both parties cannot enter the finished triangle and eventually lose the game.
  • There are also safe squares for every player where players can make themselves safe from the opponent’s token. Thus, the opponent cannot beat the other player’s token.

Features of Ludo Club on PC


Before playing and downloading, players must know the exciting features. You must know what’s distinctive about the Ludo Club game on Pc. The enticing features are as follows:

  • Offering several modes.
  • Chat with Friends
  • F2P friendly.
  • Exciting rewards

Offering Several Modes

The Ludo club game offers several modes. These modes are two-player, multiplayer, classic, rush, and offline. Classic modes are for those players who prefer slow and steady dice rolls. At the same time, Rush mode is for players interested in playing fast.

Chats With Friends

The Ludo club also offers chatting mode. Players can chat and play with their friends and opponents simultaneously. Chatting is a unique feature in Ludo club as it allows a good bonding with players.

F2P Friendly

F2P is an attractive feature for players who want to avoid paying the company but want to win the levels at once. Some games only permit access to their games once you pay them. However, the Ludo club ensures their user play freely without having the tension of payment.

Exciting Prizes

The ludo club also offers great prizes and unlimited coins daily. Active login helps players to gain maximum rewards and coins. However, the user has to play double or multiplayer mode to obtain coins and upgrade.

How To Download Ludo Club on a PC

How to install

Players need a specific process to download ludo club. Here is a step-by-step guide that helps you to access the ludo club.

  • First, you must play the store on your PC to download Ludo club. For this, you need to download the Blue Stack app player. 
  • To download this, go to google and type blue stack app player. Go to the first link and download it.
  • The downloading process may take time.
  • Next, extract the app file to the desktop and run the file on your PC.
  • After some time, the blue stack will be active on your PC. 
  • After activation, you can access the play store on your PC. 
  • Now from the play store, you can install Ludo club easily and enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment.

Wrapping Up – Ludo Club Mod APK


Although the play store has plenty of options in ludo category games, the Ludo club is the most entertaining game among all the categories in the market. Playing ludo club on PC has the same fun and entertainment as playing on Android and iOS.

The experience of playing with different modes gives Players immense pleasure because of upgrading at every level and earning coins at every login of the ludo club.