Ludo Club Rules: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning the Game

People of all ages have long loved playing the traditional board game ludo. Thanks to online and smartphone versions of the game like Ludo Club, it has recently attained a new level of popularity. The Ludo club rules must be understood to play and succeed at Ludo Club. The fundamental and complex rules of the Ludo Club as well as winning tactics will be covered in this article.

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Basic Ludo club rules

There are two to four participants in the game Ludo Club. The game’s goal is to move all of your pieces from the beginning point to the home column on the opposing side of the board. By rolling the dice, each player controls one piece at a time. For a bit to be moved from the beginning position onto the board, a player has to roll a 6 in the die.

When players roll a 6, they can reroll and relocate the same piece or another. Each number other than six on the dice allows the player to move one of their pieces that many spaces.

The opponent’s piece is taken and returned to the beginning point if a player lands on a square it occupies. A player may enter the home column and advance their piece toward the finish line if they land on a spot that is a part of the home column.

A player should roll the required number to shift a piece into a house column. The first player wins by placing all their pieces in the house column.

Advance Ludo Club Rules


Doubling up is one of Ludo Club’s more complex rules.

  • If players roll a 6, they might move two pieces instead of one. The blocking of the adversary’s pieces is another complex regulation.
  • The opponent’s piece cannot move until the player’s piece is moved if the player’s piece falls into a space next to the opponent’s piece.
  • A player may be penalized by having to move their piece back to the beginning if they break any rules, such as moving the wrong amount of spaces or into an occupied square.

Tips for Ludo Club Success


Planning and utilizing safe zones are essential for winning Ludo Club. A player’s pieces are protected from enemy capture in the gaps between the starting point and the home column, known as the safe zones. It’s crucial to pick the proper pieces to move.

1. First and Wise move

The pieces closest to the finish line should often be moved first since they are more likely to reach the home column rapidly. Another essential tactic is to be aware of the odds. It might be advantageous to concentrate on moving pieces from the beginning location as rapidly as possible since, for instance, a player has a better probability of rolling a six than any other number.

2. Look For Opponent Moves

See how your opponents roll the dice as another piece of advice. Avoid landing on an opponent’s pieces if they frequently roll high numbers or try to capture them before reaching the home column.

3. Be Patient and Wait For High Dice Rolls.

It’s also crucial to exercise patience and refrain from simultaneously putting all the pieces on the board. When moving a piece onto the board, waiting for a high roll might occasionally be preferable rather than wasting turns with poor rolls.

4. Cheer Your Opponent’s Move

Lastly, it’s critical to anticipate your opponent’s movements. It may be wise to capture or block an opponent’s pieces if they are on the verge of winning to keep them from crossing the finish line first.



Ludo Club is a fun and challenging game that players of all ages may enjoy. Players can improve their chances of winning by adhering to the basic and advanced ludo club rules, making smart plays, and keeping a few hints and recommendations in mind. The essential thing is to have fun and enjoy the game with friends and family, but it’s also crucial to remember that chance plays a part in the game.