Top Ludo Club Tricks That Can Help You Win Any Game In 2023

How would you come up with your strategy without knowing the players personally? Ludo Club is a familiar game as it has become a way of entertainment worldwide, especially in India. Moreover, the primary purpose of the Ludo is to spend leisure time in a happy mood. Some people need to learn tips for winning the Ludo and playing the game for fun.

Here you go with fantastic ludo Club tricks in the app to flaunt your game and win among your peers.

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Ludo Club Tricks

Various types of Ludo Club Tricks are used in the ludo Club. It would help if you implemented these tricks for winning the game. Hence, a gamer can easily beat the competitor through different strategies.

1. Open All Pieces

First of all, open the pieces. If you only use one or two currencies to move forward with each dice roll, you’re making the wrong decision because you can’t get more success in the game, and your opponent may kill you early.

So, lay out the coins on board. By applying different strategies, a player can win the game; that’s why these techniques consider the best for a gamer. i.e., if you contain two coins in a similar place and a competitor is nearby, forwarding a peace can kill your coin.

Moreover, this fantastic strategy helps the player block the opponent before reaching home. So, in this way, a gamer can easily win the game.

2. Block Your Competitor

You can get your coins safely into the house by using the trick of distracting your opponent. When any of your coins approach the home, your opponent will see the piece and aim to get it, but you can save your pieces from the attack by using the block strategy.

3. Change The Throw Timing

By changing the time of the dice, you can win the game. For instance, if you are playing fastly 4 to 5 times, take the time to roll the dice at the next chance.

4. Decide Gameplay

If you have two options between winning and killing your opponent, then you should decide who to proceed with the game. If you choose to be combative, you must finish the opponent. Otherwise, you play it safe and think about winning if you want to play it safe.

5. Coins Increase Tips

coin increase tip

When a player plays more online games, then he can increase their coins. Important tips are given below:

  • By taking risks
  • Completing the aim
  • Seven up down
  • By spinning the wheel
  • Installation of related games
  • By watching advertisements
  • Login daily

6. Patience Is Key

Patience is the major Ludo Club Trick used to win the game. So, follow the patience strategy for winning the game.

FAQs – Ludo Club Tricks


Q No.1: How can you win the ludo game?
This game is simple, and a player can win a ludo game through Ludo Club tricks. Your winning strategy must consist of several tips that will make the player expert in playing the game.

Q No.2: In which way did you kill the competitor?
By following the number 2, you have more chances to win the game; in this way, you can kill your competitor.

Q No.3: How can I increase the number of coins?
You can increase the number of coins by playing more online games,  completing tasks, taking risks, installing the related games, etc.

Conclusion – Ludo Club Tricks


The player’s performance improves when the Ludo Club Tricks are applied to the game. Your opponent also knows about these strategies, but the player with extra experience can win the game easily through these techniques.

When you want to start playing cash games, practicing these strategies in Ludo is considered good. When you feel you are playing the game on MPL, represent your skills. In this way, you may become a winner.