Ludo Empire MOD APK V0.0.17 Download Free for Android.

If you’re a fan of Ludo games, the Ludo Empire MOD APK is worth checking out. With its range of exciting features, and the ability to win real cash prizes, Ludo Empire offers a fun and rewarding gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Download the Ludo Empire MOD APK today to take your gaming experience to a higher level.

Ludo Empire is a popular online gaming platform that offers a range of exciting features. With different game modes, real cash prizes, and the ability to play with world-class Ludo players, Ludo Empire has become a go-to destination for gamers who want to test their skills and win large.

Name Ludo Empire MOD APK
Version v0.0.17
Last Updated On 16 Hours Ago
Size 105 MB
Rating (4.2/5) 219731 Votes
Mod Features Unlimited Money, No Ads, Unlocked Features.
Requirements 5.1 and Up
Offered By Fabzen Technologies
License Free
Category Apps > Games > Boards
Google Play Link
Downloads 5M+ Downloads

The Ludo Empire MOD APK offers even more features to enhance the gaming experience. With unlimited money, gems, diamonds, and coins, players can achieve their goals and unlock premium features.

The MOD APK also blocks ads and unlocks all premium and advanced features.


Ludo Empire has a range of exciting features that makes it different from other Ludo games. Let’s take a closer look at some of its features that set it apart as India’s premier online Ludo game.

Quick Game

Ludo Empire has different modes for the players. Its quick game offers a short game of fewer than 10 minutes to those players who want to take a short break from their hectic work. The objective of this mode is to take 2  pawns Home in less than 10 minutes. 

Classic Game

The classic game is the best option for beginners to understand the strategies of other players who wins. In this mode, the player has to take 4  pawns home. The player will win when all the tokens/ Gottis reach the home first. Players may also get some real cash prizes. 


To promote a sense of global community among players, Ludo Empire organizes exciting tournaments on special occasions, encouraging players from all corners of the world to come together and compete. It is one game with multiple players from all around the world. 

Win real cash Prizes

Ludo Empire’s unique feature of offering real cash prizes to its winners has had a significant impact on society, attracting players from all backgrounds and empowering them to turn their gaming skills into a lucrative opportunities.

Play with world-class Ludo Players

The “ONLINE MULTIPLE PLAYERS” mode offers to play with world-class Ludo players and get some experience in making strategies to improve their gameplay and increase the chances of winning every game. 

Instant Real Cash Withdrawal feature

For easy and safe withdrawal of money, Ludo Empire offers an instant Real Cash Withdrawal feature. This feature makes Ludo Empire stand out as a top choice for online Ludo gaming.

Ludo Empire values the trust of its customers and takes steps to assure that it delivers a steadfast and faithful online gaming adventure.

For 18+ only

This game includes the element of financial risk so it is recommended for 18+ only, because it is said that 18+ can make a rational judgment about their interests. You may find this game addictive for some people.


Ludo Empire is an ISO-certified game. An ISO-certified game refers to a game that has been developed and released in compliance with specific international standards set by ISO. These standards ensure that the game meets certain quality and safety requirements, including measures to protect users’ personal information and prevent fraud.

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Ludo Empire MOD APK Features

Ludo Empire MOD APK offers several features that enhance the gaming experience. The game provides unlimited money, gems, diamonds, and coins to help players achieve their goals. Unlocking premium features adds more interest to the game.

The high dame feature turns the player into a game-changer.  Users can make free purchases and receive bonuses by sharing with others. These features make Ludo Empire MOD APK  makes gameplay more attractive to the players.

No ads

This is one of the most required features that players do not want the interruption of different ads during their gameplay. They cannot focus on the game when the ad runs. Ludo Empire MOD APK has blocked the ads for the convenience of its players.

Unlimited Money 

Ludo Empire MOD APK offers unlimited money that helps players to win every gameplay even if it is a game of the tournament. Players may purchase anything from the game store using this unlimited money. 

Unlocked Advance Features 

Ludo Empire MOD APK has unlocked all the premium and advanced features so players are not required to win every level to get the next one unlocked. This feature is liked by most players who win the tournaments of the Ludo Empire. 

How to play Ludo Empire?

Select your preferred game mode from various exciting options, including fast-paced short games. Throw the dice and strategically move your game pieces by the numbers rolled on the dice. Be the first to safely move two of your pieces to the finish line and claim victory over your opponent. Continue playing and triumphing to earn lucrative rewards and become a Ludo master. Think about your moves carefully and try to anticipate your opponent’s moves.

Downloading Procedure of Ludo Empire MOD APK

To download and install the Ludo Empire MOD APK on your device, follow these simple steps:

Click on the “Download” button located above in the article to begin the download process.

Once the download is finished, go to your device’s download folder or the file manager app.

Locate the Ludo Empire MOD APK file you just downloaded and tap on it to initiate the installation process.

If your device is set to restrict installations from unknown sources, you may need to authorize the installation of the APK file.

After the installation process is completed, launch the Ludo Empire MOD APK and start playing against other players or invite your friends to join in the fun.


Q.No.1: Is Ludo Empire MOD APK available for free?
Yes, Ludo Empire MOD APK is available for free because it contains unlimited money that allows players to buy gems, coins, and diamonds to get unlocked premium features.

Q.No.2: Is Ludo Empire MOD APK a safe game to play?
Yes, Ludo Empire MOD APK is safe to play because it is scanned by anti-virus software. 

Q.No.3: How can I get Ludo Empire MOD APK for free?
Click on the download button and follow the given procedure to get the Ludo Empire MOD APK.

Wrapping Up

Ludo Empire MOD APK is offering you several features for free by just downloading the gameplay. Downloading procedure is also very simple. Download it today and take a break from your hectic work routine.