Ludo King MOD APK Latest Version (Auto Six, Coins/Diamonds)

The Lobby awaits a legend to come and compete in one of the finest board games. Originated in the subcontinent and confused with chess, Ludo King is here in the Stores for free. Drawing inspiration from classic board games that we played offline.

Ludo King is now an online strategy game that will test your strategic thinking skills as you go up against other players. A famous and trending game in Asia is now making appearances all over the world with its simple yet dramatic gameplay. Let’s see what advantages we can get from Ludo King MOD APK.

Name Ludo King MOD APK
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Size 65 MB
Rating (4.7/5) 9271241 Votes
Mod Features Auto Six, Unlimited Diamonds & Coins, and No-Ads
Requirements 4.4 and Up
Offered By Gametion
License Free
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What is a Ludo Game?

What is ludo

The Ludo game is a history marked in the subcontinent by many great kings and queens. Boring times were not liked, and to eliminate such boredom, games were played (mainly board games), and one famous was Ludo.

As the world progressed, board games went to the mobile screens. Now, you can play Ludo as “Ludo King” offline and online. Remember the good old days when we used to play Ludo, Snakes and Ladders or Chess with our family and friends?

How about giving that same experience a modern take with the ever-popular game of Ludo King MOD APK. In this blog post, we will delve into the features of this version of everyone’s favorite game and discuss how you can access it on Android devices.

The main gameplay consists of a virtual board with four houses colored Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Each house consists of up to 4 tokens or playing pieces, and the tokens can move according to the die lucky number.

Why Ludo King MOD APK?

The Ludo King game offers in-game purchases like gold and other premium currency. At first, the coins are given for free. If you wish to top up more in order to play higher bids, then you will have to pay cash. However, you can get these premium currencies in the MOD APK of Ludo King.

The article’s primary focus will revolve around the free version of this game. Players can get every collectible easily rather than waiting for higher levels.

The MOD APK also has other advantages like unlimited sixes, Ludo King MOD APK auto-win, and some minor tweaks that make the game even more enjoyable.

Gameplay Walkthrough of Ludo King

Ludo King Gameplay
Ludo King Gameplay Walkthrough
Ludo King Gameplay Walkthrough

Ludo King is a game of strategy and luck, very similar to the original board game. The game’s objective is simple: be the first to get all four tokens from start to finish.

The basic gameplay involves each player selecting one token, rolling a die, and then moving that token around the board according to the number on which they landed. The first player to get all four tokens home wins the game.

Players can also bump each other off and send them back to start if they land on their token and have a higher dice number. This adds an extra layer of strategy as players must think about the best way to ensure victory for themselves while hindering their opponents at the same time.

MOD APK Features

Players roll dice to move their pieces across a four-sided board, attempting to get all of their pieces into their house before their opponents. 

However, if you want to level up quickly or gain access to special game features, you may do so by downloading and installing the Ludo King MOD APK. You can earn limitless diamonds and gems in this customized game version, where you can quickly clear stages.

Let’s talk about some other advantages:

1. Unlimited Sixes

Unlimited SIX Ludo King

Getting a six on the dice is like winning the lottery for players. With unlimited sixes in Ludo King MOD APK, you can get as many opportunities as you want to move ahead quickly and win the game.

The die is the main element of the game, and it is random. If you play in the original game version, then the probability of each number on the die is equal. However, the MOD APK will unlock all sixes for you automatically so you can easily move ahead and get closer to victory.

2. Auto-Win


The Ludo King also unlocks the auto-win feature. This feature ensures that your token always moves in a random direction while playing the game. With this added advantage, players can easily take on their opponents with ease and win the game without much effort.

Auto gameplay is really interesting as you have to sit and relax and watch what the MOD APK does for you. Sometimes it happens that you forget the right movement for your tokens. But with the modified application, the tokens automatically make moves wisely.

3. Top up Free Coins 

free coins

The Mod APK also unlocks the feature to get coins without real cash. You can use these coins to play big tiers in the game.

Coins are really helpful when it comes to revamping old-fashioned boards. Now with free coins at your disposal, you can unlock different appearances of boards as well as stylish looks for playing pieces and dies.

Now with Ludo King MOD APK Unlimited Coins, you can top up free coins anytime and enjoy this fun board game with your family and friends.

4. Get Unlimited Diamonds/Gems

Unlimited diamonds and gems

The diamonds are often confused by players. Well, one use of diamonds is very popular and used by pro players. When you make a match, there is a selection of modes in which the second mode has a diamond symbol on it.

When you play in this mode, and you roll your dice, a random number pops up. If you do not like or want to take two rolls at one turn, you can pay diamonds to change or double up your numbers.

5. Unlimited Resources 

The fact that the Ludo King MOD APK (all themes unlocked) game provides players with access to an infinite supply of resources like money, diamonds, and other stuff is among the game’s most appealing aspects. 

Players have the ability to acquire in-game things such as dice rolls and unique themes by spending these resources. When this occurs, it signifies that players have a greater number of alternatives to choose from when playing the game, making it even more exciting.

6. Unlock Voice Chat Pack For Free

Voice Pack needs users to top up their accounts with actual cash; however, we plan for it to be entirely free for our customers. When you download this MOD APK, you will be prompted to click the voice pack. It will be automatically added to each of your accounts at no additional cost.

Real-time voice chat is a feature that allows players to talk to each other while they play. This means you can now coordinate strategies with your friends or opponents in real time without pausing the game or typing out messages.

It also adds an extra layer of realism to the game, allowing for jokes and even trash talk between players during matches. 

7. No Ads

no ads ludo king

Another great feature is that no advertisements are displayed while you are playing the Ludo King APK. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about being disrupted throughout your session by irritating advertisements that come up at random places around the screen. 

In addition to this, it assures that your time spent gaming will not be disrupted by annoying commercials.

8. New Features & Updates 

Players may always anticipate finding something new every time they open the app because the creators behind this version offer regular updates that include new features and enhancements. 

This serves to keep things interesting and fresh while also assuring that gamers will never become bored with their gaming experience. Additionally, whenever there is an upgrade, they can always look forward to brand-new material being introduced to Ludo King!

9. The Benefits of Using the MOD Version

The primary benefit of using the Ludo King MOD is that you have access to infinite diamonds, fresh themes, and coins that players can use to purchase power-ups and other in-game goodies. With these resources, you may improve your experience by unlocking new levels faster and gaining access to exclusive stuff, such as skins and special game modes. 

Furthermore, because there are no data connection or internet speed restrictions while playing offline or online, playing with friends or online opponents is considerably easier. 

Finally, this edition has several customization possibilities, allowing players to build their own unique game experience with custom boards, pieces, and backdrops.

General Features

general Features

Playing games like Ludo King can be fun, but sometimes it feels like progress through levels is slow going due to limited resources available in-game. 

Fortunately, with the help of a modified version such as the one detailed above – known as Ludo King MOD APK Premium Features Unlocked. Players now have access to limitless resources along with extra features, including customizable boards & pieces, plus various other benefits not found in regular versions making playing much more enjoyable overall!

As the game’s originality has its own enjoyment and competition since trying your luck and competing against friends in real time is quite difficult. Now we’ll talk about what this game really delivers and what it could possibly give users:

1. A Fair Game, Not Pre-Planned

fair game

In actual life, the dice are rolled on a board, and a random number is generated, which is considered just and fair. However, when you play on your mobile device, the scenario is identical in that there is no pre-planned structure behind the dice rolls. 

There is a total luck mechanism in place, and the dice will emerge at random as your luck. However, the game will be strategic since you will decide whether or not to move the playing pieces.

2. Competition and Fun

Multiplayer Mode

If you choose to participate in the multiplayer mode, you will be pitted against other players worldwide. Since of this, the gaming experience you have may become far more intense and interesting because you will be competing against other players that have the same level of talent as you have or possibly even higher. 

You also have the option of playing the game with your friends and/or family, which brings an additional dimension of pleasure to the experience.

3. Versatility 

The flexibility of the multiplayer mode in Ludo King is among the game’s most appealing qualities. You can play with friends or complete strangers, making it simple to locate opponents with skills comparable to your own.

In addition, you are able to participate in already-running games or design your own games from scratch, complete with unique rules and configurations that are tailored to your own interests. Additionally, you may play on a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Discord, and WhatsApp, among others.

4. Expanded Gameplay    

When compared to playing the game in single-player mode, the multiplayer mode offers players more alternatives on how to play the game. 

Players have the ability to personalize their game boards by picking unique layouts for two to four players at once or even two to six players if they are using mobile devices to participate in the game. 

In addition, there are other items that may be used, such as explosives and power-ups, which give each game its own unique twist. You may also earn bonus rewards points by competing in weekly challenges or joining tournaments, both of which are available to you.

5. Snake & Ladder Mode

Snakes and Ladder Ludo King Mode

The Snake & Ladder mode is an additional bonus feature that allows players to experience a twist on the traditional board game. This version is similar to the old Ludo King game, but it includes snakes and ladders that you may utilize to aid or impede your progress in the game. The fundamental goal remains the same as in previous versions: reaching the destination first!

Users are not just limited to playing standard Ludo, but they may also select Snake & Ladder anytime they like. The snake and ladder is a racing game that is entirely reliant on chance, with no strategy necessary. As a result, this mode can tell you how lucky you are.

6. Real-time Voice Chat

real time voice chat ludo king

Real-time audio chat adds a whole new level to gaming by allowing participants to maximize fun while playing. Furthermore, chats may assist in filling downtime in gaming, making it more pleasant for both groups and lone players. 

Finally, because teams may interact in real-time during contests, this feature offers new prospects for tournaments and leagues!

7. Challenge Social Media Friends

Features Of Ludo King

Ludo King allows players to confront their social media friends, giving them the ability to communicate with a larger community. This element also contributes to the game’s unpredictability, since various opponents may employ different strategies.

Furthermore, playing against your buddies helps you to examine your approach and practice for future gaming sessions. Finally, this function can help players develop bonds, making it easier for them to form teams or organize tournaments or leagues in the future.

8. Enjoy Themes Related India Customs

Ludo King has recently added a new Diwali-themed set of boards and pieces to its lineup. This seasonally-oriented feature adds another layer of enjoyment to the game, ensuring that players can take part in festive merriment as they play!

In addition, Ludo King also has themes related to several other Indian customs such as Holi, Sui Dhaga, and the famous Taj Mahal. So you’ll always have something special to look forward to when playing this classic board game.

What Do I Think of Ludo King™ Game – Personal Review

My Review On Ludo King Mod APK

The game and the mod version has amazed me and personally I feel it is a perfect balance between luck and strategy.

Every game that has a multiplayer mode attracts the user’s attention. Hence this game also gives you the privilege to play with four or six players with a voice chat.

Finally, I’m especially fond of the seasonal themes that help bring extra life into the game whenever applicable.

How To Install Ludo King MOD APK (Unlocked) In Detail

How To Install Ludo King MOD APK (Unlocked) In Detail

It might be difficult to install the modified version of the famous game Ludo King. The patched version includes additional features such as free coins and diamonds, making it advantageous for players.

But how do you put it together? Don’t be worried! This tutorial will take you step by step through the installation procedure so you can start playing the game with all of its new features!

Step 1: Go to the top section of this article.

The Download button will be clearly visible in a distinct color. Click on the download button to start downloading the file onto your device OR you can download from the button available underneath.

You might see a pop-up alert window that this file might harm your device but choose to keep it instead (It will not cause any harm). The alert is mainly due to installing apps by third parties.

Step 2: Enable Unknown Sources in Your Device Settings 

Once your download is complete, it’s time to enable Unknown Sources in your device settings. This step is essential because it allows apps from unknown sources (such as the Ludo King MOD APK Download) to be installed on your device safely. 

To do this:

  1. Go to your device’s Settings menu and select Security or Privacy options.
  2. Scroll down until you see an option called “Unknown Sources” or “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.”
  3. Toggle this setting ON and then proceed to Step 3. 
download ludo king
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings

Step 3: Install The MOD APK File On Your Device 

Now it’s time to install the MOD APK file on your device. Open up any file manager application on your device and locate the downloaded MOD APK file. Tap on it once to begin the installation.

Installation of ludo king
App Installed

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q No.1: How do I download the Ludo King MOD APK Latest Version?

The best option is to look in the download section for the most recent and older versions. If you are unsure whether it is the most recent version, go to the Play Store and search for the relevant app. Afterward, go to the About Section and compare the version to our website.

Q No.2: How to get six tricks in Ludo King?

The original edition of this game does not have such a trick, as the roll of the dice is generated by unique algorithms and is completely random. On the other hand, our latest edition of Ludo King Apk allows you to execute six moves.

Q No.3: How can I have an Ad-free experience in Ludo King?

The app is ad-supported. However, if you want to experience a completely ad-free version of the game, you can choose to download the MOD version of Ludo King. As a result, you can focus on your game, and you will be irritated.

Q No.4: How do I play multiplayer?

You have two options when playing multiplayer. You may play in a classic four-player mode, or you can choose to play with a total of six players on a hexagonal board.

Q No.5: Is there any strategy to win in Ludo King?

Yes, there is a certain degree of strategy involved when it comes to playing this game. You must consider the number of pieces you have left, the position of your opponent’s pieces, and the risk/rewards for each move that you make. 

Additionally, it is important to remember that there are multiple ways to win in this game; sometimes, an attack strategy may not be the best approach. By playing more and more, you will learn some best moves.

Q No.6: Is Ludo King free to play? How to get coins for free?

Yes, you may download and play it for free. If required, there are various in-app purchases available. Simply clicking on a bag of coins in this Ludo King MOD app will fill your account with thousands of game coins. So why not try this for free?

Q No.7: Does Ludo King require an internet connection?

Yes, it requires an active internet connection in order to play with other players or access certain features of the game.

Q No.8: Does Ludo King MOD APK Unlimited Version have any extra features?

Yes! Besides the classic version of the game, there is also a ‘Snake & Ladder’ mode, as well as weekly challenges and tournaments, which can earn players bonus rewards.


Real Time Voice Chat
Snakes and Ladder Ludo King
Ludo King Conclusion

Ludo King is an interesting game that blends a traditional board game with a modern touch. There’s something enjoyable for everyone with numerous versions and modes, as well as competitions and weekly challenges. 

Users may also enjoy a totally ad-free version of this famous game by downloading the MOD version of Ludo King. Meanwhile, they may enjoy a luxurious lobby with unlimited coins, diamonds, themes, and auto victory in order to achieve the highest winning streaks.