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Ludo Mania APK is a full-package game that contains a stock of in-game investments. You are Just required to download from the given button and start playing.

Ludo Mania APK is a classic board game that is simple to learn and appropriate for all ages. The objective is to race your tokens from start to finish based on the roll of a single die. Players must roll a 6 to move a pass out of the yard and into play. With straightforward rules, Ludo Mania is a fun and engaging way to spend time with friends and family.

Name Ludo Mania APK
Version v1.1.4
Last Updated On 1 Day Ago
Size 45.2 MB
Rating (4.3/5) 319085 Votes
Mod Features In-Game Currency Stock, Unlocked Features.
Requirements 5.0 and Up
Offered By Teen Patti Rummy Ludo by Banyan
License Free
Category Apps > Games > Boards
Google Play Link
Downloads 1M+ Downloads

Games teach us how to deal with victory and defeat. Games provide a safe and controlled environment where players can experience both winning and losing without the same consequences as in real life. By going through these experiences, players can learn how to cope with emotions. They can learn how to handle success graciously and how to handle failure constructively.

Ludo has a rich history back in centuries. The game was played on a square-shaped board with 16 pieces, four for each player. It was often played with cowrie shells as dice. After some time, the game evolved and became widely popular among all age groups. The game is now played digitally with dice and has various names, including “Ludo” and “Parchís” in different parts of the world. It is a classic multiplayer board game with a perfect balance of skill and luck and continues to provide endless hours of entertainment for worldwide players.

Features of Ludo Mania APK

Mod Features

Here we have discussed some features of the Ludo Mania APK so you can get an overlook before downloading.

Supports Different Languages 

Ludo Mania APK offers different languages so players from any country can play this gameplay and get hours of entertainment.

It supports the following languages including Hindi:

  1. English
  2. Simplified Chinese
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. Spanish

Multiple Modes

Ludo Mania APK Provides different modes so players have the flexibility to play the game in a way that suits their preferences. Having different modes can enhance the gaming experience and keep players engaged with the game for extended periods. 

Its multiple modes are:

  • VS computer
  • Local multiplayer
  • Online multiplayer 

Simple Rules

You just roll the dice. If you get six, move your token out of the yard and start moving it in a clockwise direction. If you are not getting the six, do not lose hope, keep rolling at your turn and get the six to start the game.

Safe Square

Stop your token at the safe square to get protection from being sent back home(The starting point) There is no limitation on the number of tokens to stay on the safe square. The safe square is represented by the star icon.

Private Rooms

If you are not wanting to play with unknown players, Ludo Mania APK offers you to create private rooms. This feature allows you to invite just those friends whom you want.

Extraordinary Bonuses

If the player signs in daily, he will get up to 2000 coins daily. There is a lucky wheel, by spinning it you will get bonus coins. By watching promotional videos you can get up to 450 coins. These videos can be watched five times after every four hours. Additionally, you will get some coins every time you level up the game.

 How to download Ludo Mania APK?

How to install

A very easy and simple way to download the Ludo Mania APK is discussed here step by step. You just follow the given steps and get your game.

Open Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install APK files.
Click on the download button given above. 

When downloading process is complete, click on the Ludo Mania APK file from the downloads of your device and start the installation. 

Once it’s done, click on the game and start playing immediately.



Ludo Mania APK is a complete package of a classic board game that offers in-game currency for players. It supports different languages, including Hindi, which allows players worldwide to enjoy the game. The game’s rules are simple, where players just have to roll the dice and move their tokens clockwise. The safe square feature provides players with protection from being sent back to the starting point. 

The game also offers a private room feature to play with friends only. Players can earn extra coins by signing in daily, spinning the lucky wheel, and watching promotional videos. To download the Ludo Mania APK, players need to enable the installation of APK files, download the game, and start the installation process.

Furthermore, playing games like Ludo can help players learn how to cope with both winning and losing safely and constructively.

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Q.No.1: How to download Ludo Mania APK?
Just click the download button given above to get Ludo Mania APK.

Q.No.2: Can I play Ludo Mania APK online?
Yes, Ludo Mania APK allows you to play online.

Q.No.3: Can 2 people play Ludo Mania APK?
Ludo Mania APK is a strategy game that allows 2 to 4 players to play at the same time.



Ludo Mania APK is a classical, strategy game that contains in-app purchases like gems, gold coins, and diamonds that helps you to win by defeating your opponent. Its different features attract the players to play the gameplay for hours and hours without getting bored. Just click on the download button given above in the article and start to play the quality game with friends and family.