Ludo Pro APK Version 2.3.29 Free Download for Android

Getting tired of skipping ads in Ludo Pro? If so, the solution is here. Ludo Pro APK provides you with an ad-free game so you can enjoy your game without getting distracted by ads.

Name Ludo Pro APK
Version V2.3.29
Last Updated On 18 Hours Ago
Size 36 MB
Rating (4.0/5)124632 Votes
Mod Features No Ads and Unlimited In-app Money
Requirements 4.4 and Up
Offered By Ludo Games Download - India 2021
License Free
Category Apps > Games > Boards
Google Play Link
Downloads 5M+ Downloads

For those who want to play alone, Ludo Pro also offers the option to play against an AI-controlled opponent. The game’s HD graphics and daily bonuses add to the overall user experience, and players can create private rooms to play with specific people. Playing with Facebook friends is also an option.

Ludo Pro is a versatile game app that can be played on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, and provides multiple modes to suit different preferences. In the online multiplayer mode, players can connect with other players worldwide, while the local multiplayer mode allows multiple players to play on a single device.

Ludo Pro Features

Ludo Pro is a mobile game app that offers various features to its users. Some of the prominent features include:

Works smoothly on 2G, 3G, and 4G Networks

Do not have access to the latest technology? No worries! Ludo Pro is compatible with all three generations of mobile technology and can work well on each one of them without any major issues or limitations. Even If you are not using a 5G network, Ludo Pro will work properly on your device. 

Online Multiplayer Mode

Ludo Pro refers to a feature that allows players to connect with other players from around the world and compete against them in real time over the internet. In online multiplayer mode, players can connect with other players from around the world using the game’s matchmaking system or by inviting their friends to join the game.

Once connected, players can compete against each other, using their skills and strategies to try to win the game.

Local Multiplayer Mode

This a good option for players who prefer to play offline. In this mode, multiple players play the game together on a single device, without the need for an internet connection or online multiplayer. It is a convenient option for groups of people who want to play the game but do not have multiple devices available. 

Play Against an AI-Controlled Opponent 

Ludo Pro is offering this feature for those players who want to play the game even when they do not have anyone to play with. It is also the best way to learn the game tips and tricks and build your skills without the pressure of losing the match with humans. Players can choose the difficulty level of the computer opponent and adjust other game settings to suit their preferences.

Play with Facebook Friends

Sometimes you want to spend quality time with your Facebook friends, Ludo Pro is a considerable option for online friends to share their opinion on any topic while playing the game. Playing Ludo with Facebook friends can be a fun and social way to enjoy the game and compete against others.

It allows players to connect with friends they may not have seen or spoken to in a while, and provides a way to stay connected and have fun together even when they are physically apart.

Daily Bonus

Daily Bonuses are designed to encourage players to play more frequently and can help to increase engagement and retention for the game. Ludo Pro Offers up to 1000 coins as a daily bonus that helps players to win any match and they can easily defeat their opponent by using coins.

HD Graphics

Ludo Pro offers HD graphics that includes detailed textures and realistic lighting effects, which make the game look more immersive and appealing. The use of vibrant colors and smooth animations also helps to make the game more visually appealing.

Create Private Rooms 

Not wanting to play with strangers? Ludo Pro has a feature to create private rooms and invite just specific persons to play with you. 

Open the Ludo Pro and navigate to the multiplayer mode. Look for an option to create a private room or invite friends to play. Choose the settings for the private room, such as the number of players, the game mode, and any specific rules or restrictions.

Share the private room code or invite link with the friends or family members that you want to play with. They will need to enter the code or follow the link to join the private room.

Once everyone has joined the private room, start the game and begin playing!

Ludo Pro APK Features 

No Ads Feature

The No Ads feature in a Ludo Pro can be beneficial for players who find ads distracting or annoying, as it allows them to focus on the gameplay without any interruptions. Players need to make an in-app purchase or pay a subscription fee but Ludo Pro APK has blocked ads. This feature is superb to focus on the gameplay. 

Unlimited In-app Currency

The availability of unlimited in-app currency can significantly enhance the gameplay experience for many players. This currency can be used to purchase various in-game items, features, or upgrades. Having unlimited in-app currency can make the game more enjoyable for players who want to access all of the game’s features without having to earn or purchase virtual currency. 

How to Win Free Coins in Ludo Pro?

In Ludo Pro, there are several ways to win free coins that can be used to purchase various in-game items and features. Players may log in daily and collect their rewards. The daily bonus(coins) is a reward that players can claim once per day only. 

Another way to win free coins in Ludo Pro is by connecting the game to your Facebook account. Play with Facebook friends is a fun way to spend leisure time. players can also earn free coins by watching videos. The game may offer players the option to watch short advertisements or promotional videos in exchange for a reward of free coins. 

How to Download Ludo Pro APK?

How to install

you can follow the general steps to download the Ludo Pro APK:

  1. Go to your device’s settings and enable the option to install applications from unknown sources.
  2. Click on the given button to start the downloading process.
  3. Once the download is complete, go to your device’s file manager and locate the downloaded APK file.
  4. Tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

Note: If you have Ludo Pro App, Uninstall it first then follow the above-given steps.


Q.No.1: Is it safe to download the Ludo Pro APK?
Yes, it is safe as it is provided to you after scanning from the anti-malware platform. The antimalware platform detected no viruses therefore it is safe for sure. 

Q.No.2: Is it free to download the Ludo Pro APK?
Yes, it is free to download the Ludo Pro APK and you will get it’s all its features unlocked without any payment.

Q.No.3: Is Ludo Pro APK available for both Android and iOS devices?
Yes, Ludo Pro APK is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Ludo Pro APK is an advanced version of the popular board game, Ludo Pro. It offers an ad-free gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy the game without any interruptions, and is also compatible with various Android devices, making it easily accessible to players worldwide. The game’s graphics and animation are also improved in the APK version.

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Final Verdict

A Game that is providing you unlimited in-app currency, an ad-free experience, and also compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. Download by following the simple procedure given above to get Ludo Pro APK on your device.